Pinterest Marketing 2020

Pinterest Marketing 2020.

This is Pinterest marketing 2020

Pinterest is the best platform for Marketing without spending money.

You just have to follow some strategys and then see the results.

In this Blog you will Learn

What is Pinterest and How to Upload content with a Marketing strategy.

Pinterest Marketing 2020
Pinterest Marketing 2020

What is Pinterest ?

Pinterest is a Social Media where you can Share and Discover Ideas like Recipe , wallpapers ,  Home and Styles , DIys and more.

You can find billions of pins on Pinterest, you’ll always find ideas to spark inspiration.

Pins that you think are usefull , save them to boards to keep your ideas organized and easy to find.Pinterest Marketing 2020.

Home Feed

The place where you find your pins that pinterest thinks you will find intrest .

There you will find pins from the boards you have followed.

In the search bar you can also search for pins you want.

Like Dog,cat or Art.


Are the Ideas created by saved by and discovered by  pinterest users.

Mostly links are present there from the website it have been uploaded so’ you can also visit the website through clicking the pin.

If you want to download the picture there is also a option for downloading the picture (Not Full HD ).

So, According to me Pinterest is the best place for Marketing for no cost.

Here you can Place or Post Pictures with their Description and some of Hastags  after that you will see the magic.

So Let’s Start How to do that whole stuff without creating any mess.

1)A Picture or Video

As we know pinterest is all about pictures and now it also allow videos.

You can upload pictures and videos here.

To Permote your content .

So’ Firstly Go to the + sign which means upload Photo or Video .

2)Two  Things

When you select the photo or video .

There will be a Option for Title and Description filling.

3) The Title

Title is the 2nd thing the viewer will caught .

Title is main thing you should think about title should be easy to read clear cut to the point .

And should  be look attractive for your targeted audience .

When you go to the box for title filling

Fill the most attractive title for your post.

If you are posting for marketing of your website content.

Then you should write a title Relative to your content otherwise if you fill the wrong title the viewer will not  visit your site more then 1sec.

For example you are posting something related to wallpapers then write title like

100+ wallpapers for boys ,100+ wallpapers for girls ,50+ wallpapers for men,

55+ wallpapers for women ,

40 most famous wallpapers .

Like this .

4)The Description

Description is like polite person who is behind the stage but working same as the

Main actor working .

Description contain the details about the post like a whole paragraph.

Just  4-5% from your websites content with a suspense. And

Description also contain the linkers I mean hastags (if you want to know more about hastags visit my recent post      Become famous Instagram 2020 Tip and Tricks  and What is hastag )

Hastags has the powers to manipulate  the post according to you,

now I will teach you how to find best hastags for your posts.

  1. Little Research

You have to do small research to find the best hastags for your posts

Firstly you have prefer your main topic

For example which is wallpapers .

Now search wallpapers in the search bar,there will a lot of  be suggestion


Wallpapers for boys ,wallpapers for girls ,

Wallpaper iphone  etc.

Select first 3 suggestion .

Because the suggestions are the most searched related to your topic .

Like this change the topics and get the best suggested hastags .

#wallpapersforboys #wallpapersforgirls etc.


When you press enter after search

There will be suggestion next to search bar


Iphone , girls,boys,men,women,black,white

Then select the best and join the suggestion to your topic

And in result there will be the best hastags outcome for your topic.

#wallpapersiphone #wallpapersboys #wallpaperblack


After all that you will see a place for website or link filling .

If you are adding you website URL there so don’t just write

firstly go to the browser and search for your site then enter to your website

then copy the URL and paste it into the place.

Because sometimes Pinterest just ignore the URL without proper guidance .

The viewer will not able to visit your site .

So be careful about that . pinterest marketing 2020

Thanks for Reading.pinterest marketing 2020

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