PUBG Mobile Season 12: Release Dates, Updates, Royale Pass Rewards Leaks, Trailer, Skins, Weapons And More


PUBG Mobile Season 12 will release on the 6th March 2020.

It has been confirmed that PUBG Mobile Season 11 will end on the 3rd March.

Each season lasts roughly two months, so we can expect this to run until May.

PUBG Mobile will be completing two years of its existence and Season 12 of the popular game will hit the stores and your devices soon.

The new update, which is going to be titled as 0.17.0 , is already available on beta version

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass Details?

We have some few leaked items here from the royal pass:


After obtaining the pass, players will immediately receive a skin for the QBZ assault rifle

The final tier reward is a Robotic skin and as the theme of both items will be the “anniversary special”, neon lights will be covering the number “12”.


There are three helmet skins that could come in this season all incorporating a stylish dragon appearance

Four dragon appearace styled bagpacks skins

And to many suprise , 2 wingsuits:



Unfortunately,there are no updates for new maps yet:/ but we might witness erangel 2.0 very soon


A few in-app mini-games could be unveiled where players could win prizes.


New more In-Game Gameplay modes are expected in this update 0.17.0


PUBG Mobile’s current version allows gamers to only use one kind of marker on map. The new update will have eight varieties of markers to identify positions, enemies, spot,animals,shelters for attack etc.


In this new survival mode is expected where, one has to survive extreme cold by locating firewood and starting a fire.

Gamers can also kill animals and chickens to eat during “extreme cold wave.”

The same as the closing circle, there will be a cold wave that will drain health until the player takes shelter.

There will be a timer in the mode to inform when the extreme cold wave is incoming.

This will help players know when to find shelter and be ready for survival.


Death replay- (also known as killcams in other games) will finally be added.

The feature, we all have been waiting for ,since season 9, which is currently available in the PC version, is finally making its way to the phones with the upcoming update in PUBG mobile .

A gamer can see the replay to make sure that the mistake isn’t repeated.

Weapon Edits

SMG Uzi has always been a popular weapon, particularly in close combat. Now it can also be equipped with a red-dot or holographic sight, which means it can be shot with better accuracy.


There is a new double-barrel shotgun called DBS. It maximizes the damage when involved in close combat but clearly needs to be used over short ranges. It will be accessible through airdrops and special crates with a variety of scopes. It will be compatible with holographic sights, red dot sights, and scopes up to 6X.


During last year’s PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split Global Finals, Chinese game creator Tencent had said that the colour-blind mode will be added to the game in 2020. As of now this mode is available in the beta version of the update.

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