Become famous Instagram 2020 Tip and Tricks

Learn How to Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks

We know How to Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks

Hey guys as you know Instagram is a Big Platform after Facebook and it has been bought by Facebook last year(2020).

Let you know according to in India most of the youngsters using Instagram it Means the Youth of India is using Instagram. But Although Facebook is also a Great Social Media Site.

Now, it was a brief Introduction to Instagram.

Let’s Talk about How to Become Famous on Instagram 2020 Tip.

We know on Instagram Hashtag comes with a big Opportunity we can use hashtags to Increase the Reach of Instagram.

But Here is also a Big Trick to increase Reach of your Instagram account that you will learn in this blog so keep reading.

Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks


Introduction to Hashtags

Hashtags are like stickers we use on Invitation Cards to address the path.

Hashtags make a Big Network of words that are used to Connect People and services.

They are used to get attention and for promotions.

It was started with Twitter and now it is spread all over social media.

On Instagrams, some hashtags are most liked hashtags like #love #like #photooftheday, etc..

But you can also make your hashtags like #lettrendy  and this is upon how that hashtag become viral.

But for you, there  are some hashtags for 2020 you can use to become famous

Like #2020 #like4like #likes #followforfollow . like4like and #follow4follow  these types of hashtags are poor hashtags because sometimes people do like and do follow and then they unlike the post and unlike the person after some time. how to Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks

Genius #hastags

So Use some genuine #hastags hashtags should depend on your content like what you have posted in your account(Instagram account).

And the is about what.

Like if you have posted some pictures of dogs .so you should use hashtags related to dogs. If a dog is doing something like if it is playing so you can use #dog #playing #playingdog.

You can also add dog’s breed(to which breed dog belongs for specification)like you can use #labra #labradog  #labradogplaying #labraplaying (these are for examples ).

You can make your #hastags for #specification.

Like if they have long hairs you can use #longhair #longhairdog #longhairlabra

And if there is a funny thing happening with the dog you also can add #funny #trynottolaugh they are some famous hashtags.

In the end there will be a group of hashtags of yours like this #dog #playing #playingdog use #labra #labradog  #labradogplaying #labraplaying #longhair #longhairdog #longhairlabra #funny #trynottolaugh #2020hastags #lettrendy

This bunch of hashtags can be useful for your post.

On the other hand, if you have taken a selfie then you can use #selfie #photooftheday

And if you have been taking a mirror selfie then you can use #mirrorselfie #mirriorselfiroftheday #mirrorselfies

if there is an occasion on which you are taking the selfie like its new year so you can use #newyearselfie #selfieoftheyear #selfie2020

And in the end, there will be a group of hashtags that will appear like this use #selfie #photooftheday #mirrorselfie #mirriorselfiroftheday #mirrorselfies  #newyearselfie #selfieoftheyear #selfie2020 #lettrendy #2020hastags. Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks

Mix the hashtags

While you are using hashtags your own made hashtags will not be so powerful means no one can think about they except you.

So’ you also have to mix some famous hashtags with them according to the situation like we did in the last paragraph(In the example of a dog’s post )

If you are doing something funny then firstly you can add hashtags according to you ( like your hashtags )if you are jumping then you can add #jumping #jump #jumplikemonkey.

Then if you are doing Banji jumping you can add #buji #bunjijumping #bunjijump

And you are jumping on an occasion like on the new year so you can add #bunjijumping 2020 #bujnijumpingnewyear  #bunjijump2020

And after that all stuff what you are doing, on what occasion, on which

In the end, all Hashtags should have a major one hashtags like a boss. Bunji Jumping is a funny thing(for some people ) most people like things like this you can hashtag like #funny #trynottolaugh #fuunythings #funnyvideo #funnyjumping

You can also add other famous Hashtag.Like #daretodo #dare #video #viralvideo

Sometimes #viral is useful so you can use this Hashtag with every post.

And then you will get a Mixture of Hashtags #jumping #jump #jumplikemonkey #buji #bunjijumping #bunjijump  #bunjijumping 2020 #bujnijumpingnewyear  #bunjijump2020 #funny #trynottolaugh #fuunythings #funnyvideo #funnyjumping #daretodo #dare #video #viralvideo  #lettrendy #2020hastags.Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks

Maximum Hashtags

Instagram has some Terms and conditions for users that is you can’t use more than 30 Hashtags.

Means The Maximum number of Hashtags you can is 30.

In which you can Introduce your content.

Fewer Hashtags more Impression

According to our Research, Less is the Hashtags more will be the Impressions it doesn’t mean you will use some Non-usable Hashtags.

If you use maximum hashtags and all the hashtags are not useful.

It means you have to use fewer hashtags but powerful hashtags.

Like Hashtags which have big priority and major possibility to be visited by viewers.

Sometimes Instagram Rate your post according to the rating your post will have a chance to come on the top of Hashtag.

They Rate your post according to your strategy of adding hashtags if you add maximum hashtags they will rank you low.

So To be honest you should fewer hashtags.use In between  10 to 18 hashtags.

They must be powerful and useable.

To find Powerful and Usable #hastags you have to do some research.

Do Research

You can do some research on hashtags for more likes and more followers. Let me explain to you how to Research.

As we know maximum users follow Celebrities.

The Hashtags used by Celebrities become the most viewed Hashtags.

Like Celebrities uploaded a picture with hashtag #iamhero.

Then the followers of those celebrities will visit that hashtag.

and sometimes the other celebrities will post a picture with that hashtag the audience of both celebrities will visit that hashtag.

Means If you upload a picture or video related to that picture

then your post must be seen by followers and your profile impression will increase and there are 50% chances of that follower who visit your profile will follow you (If he/she likes your profile and stuff)

You should be aware of the viral stuff like there is a video that becomes viral.

Then you should use a hashtag related to that video or post something related to that video with a hashtag related to that video to increase your profile impression.

If you have visited a place and you are going to upload pictures of that place.

Research or find the hashtag for that famous thing or make one.

So first know the famous things about that place then know if any actor or actor visited that place recently.

Then combine both things ( hashtag related to that place and hashtag used by the celebrities)

Use hashtags with the caption.

Here is no major issue of using hashtags directly.

But if you just add hashtags directly without caption that will make your audience judging.

Make sure you use hashtags with a caption.

If you write a whole paragraph and you can fit hashtags with the caption or paragraph that will be awesome.Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks

Upload a perfect post to be famous.

You have learned about hashtags what they are how to use them on how to make them how to research them.

And now I will show you how to make a perfect post to be famous.

Remember what you have learned to take it in your mind.

And now let’s assume A post gone viral.

which is about a man who is jumping and a celebrity reacted to it and posted it.

And now Research the whole stuff Collect and make the hashtags.

Use hashtags of the original video and then collect the hashtags of that celebrity’s post.

Make your hashtag. (If there is something you think that can be related to that video or people can also search about it).

Now make a post related to that viral post and add those Hashtags with your caption.

It is important to add the location of that video. that helps to increase your profile impressions.

with that also use the hashtag of that location that will also work. How to become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks.

Story is Important

On Instagram and other social media, there is an option where you can share your daily updates like where you go what you did what you eat, etc.

And it is very useful. In that way, you can increase your profile visits with the help of your stories.

Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks

Use Hashtags in story

Using hashtags in the story is a very powerful tool for an Instagrammer.

Like if you uploaded a story related to college

You can add #college or #collegelife

As there is a rule of Instagram you can only use 2 hashtags in a story.

You can use more than 2 hashtags but after more hashtags are added they were no useable or working.

It means if a person searching for a hashtag and watch story your story will also be watched by that person.

Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks

Add Location

Adding a location in a Story is the 2nd powerful tool.

You can add a location in a story.

Like you visited a museum so add a location of that museum.

This means if a person searches for a location on Instagram and watches your story will also be watched by that person.

If the like your story there is 60% chances that he/she will watch your profile too.

So’ Dear be serious about adding stories to your profile because it is directly to your profile impressions.

Be curious about your stories.

Adding a perfect Story.

If you are visiting a place

Firstly take a picture of that place then add the Location and then add a hashtag for that place

Like you were visiting a forest then you can add #forest or #nature or #naturalbeauty  etc.

According to your research. It means before visiting or adding a story you have to do some research.

Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks


Ok, here we come to my Trick.

It is very useful and very impressive according to your mindset.

Now let I Introduce how I use this trick.

I have followed some famous and sarcastic Pages like meme pages.

As they post a meme or something else I try to comment in that way to highlight my profile.

Like if they post a meme I will comment in a funny way or by adding admin in the comment to make my comment highlight.

Commenting with humor is a great idea to increase your profile visits in a safe way.

There is an unsafe way or you can say by this you can increase hatred so be careful about this trick.

If they were added a post belongs to something controversial then it means it is a golden chance to increase your profile visits and it is according to you.

Which site you are or you are neutral.

If there is a controversy of two persons there are 70% chances from each site they will visit your profile.

If you commented neutrally there are 40% chances but if you commented one-sided there are 40% chances from apposite site and 30% chances from your sit.

Means 70% chances from both sites.

If you are aware of more tricks and if there is a mistake comment below we will work on it.

Become famous Instagram 2020 tips tricks



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