Create Vector Art / Vexel Art With Photoshop.

Hey, Guys I know you are wondering for a perfect tutorial for Vector  Art so’ Here it is.

Today I will show and explain to you how to make a perfect  Vector Art.

Here are some pictures of my  Vector Art from where I started and where  I end up with.


So’ I am Requesting you not to Give just Try and  Try again and you will get the Goal.

Ok This is and let Get Started.Create Vector Art With Photoshop

  1. Firstly you have to Focus on the Picture you want to make Vector. Look at every detail of the picture. Every skin tone every shade every mark of the face in picture.

    Create Vector Art With Photoshop
    Some Examples of vector art – lettrendy #lettrendy #wallpaper
  2. Then use Pen(Ctrl + p) tool to select the very background of the vector. Select the best match of the color (Use Alt with the brush to select the best match ). Then click right mouse button and click Fill Path. The very Background fill is filled with your selected color. Correct the mistakes if make with very background.
  3. If there is shadow behind the face /picture do the same with the shade. Create new layer then Use pen tool select the area fill the area  That’s all.
  4. Create new layer. Now Use the Pen Tool ( Ctrl + p ) with every edge of your face make the shape of your face. Select the most common color on your face if you want to make it realistic(Use Alt with the brush to select the best match ) . Then select pen tool ( ctrl + p ) . Click right button of your mouse click on Fill Path. The shape of your face is now filled with the most common color of your face.
  5. Now it’s your hairs turn. Create a new layer.  Use Pen Tool ( Ctrl + p ) Select every spike and edge of your hairs ( If there is something which will look ugly Don’t select that piece of hair ).select the most common color for the very background of  your hairs [If your hair are Black select the right black color if your hairs are yellowish then use the color selector(Use Alt with brush to select the best match )]. Use the pen tool click right button and click on Fill Path. The shape of your face and shape of your hair is defined. Be conform with them .
  6. Ok Now it’s time to make your face visible. Create a new layer. Start with your eyebrows.Use Pen tool ( Alt + p ) select every edge of your eyebrow and then select the most common color. Press Right Button of a mouse click on fill path.
  7. Be curious about Nose Stuff Because it can change your whole stuff its your choice to the perfect style for your nose 1st is only shades explain your nose like select every shade of your nose make a visible thing. 2nd is Explain by linings like stoke the visible lining of your nose structure. And the best is to use the both of them like firstly stoke the visible lining and then create the shades. Before starting Create new layer.
  8. Then come to your lips. Create new layer then  With the pen tool ( ctrl + p ) create the shape of your lips select the common color. then I think your lips want some shine ok Create new layer. select Brush set size of the brush and minimize the hardness of brush-like 0% to 10% . Select the light color then common color brush the shining side. If there is something marks on lips or shades make it complete with the pen tool ( ctrl + p) .
  9. Ohhh if you have Beard of Mustache then Create new layer and make them like your eyebrows
  10. Create new layer Select Pen tool ( ctrl + P ) Come to you ear select the dark shades and with the black color make them visible ( fill the path with black color ).
  11. It’s your turn to make eyes visible Firstly Create new layer Choose white color Select the shape of your eyeball ( catch every edge ) . Create new layer Select black color use pen tool ( ctrl + p ) select area of your eyes lashes click lift button of your mouse click on stoke path then select simulate pressure click ok.( Do the thing with both eyes ). Create new layer select your eye color make a circle compared with your eye with the help of the Elliptical Marque tool ( M ) / Elliptical Tool ( U ). Now select the Pen tool ( ctrl + P ) with white color make some shining effect on your eyes. Take the layer on upper of eyeball layer .click on eyeball layer with ctrl it will make your eyeball selected then go to the eye layer and mask the layer. Make the small shades of your eyes visible both pen tool.
  12. Ok, your face is not ready yet. Let’s make Each and every shade of your face visible. Create new layer Under Hairs select Gradient tool ( G ) . Select the colors one side should be your face color and others should be darker than your face color. Gradient from your hairs to your eyebrows then gradient from your ear to your chicks. And then create new layer select take it under the eyebrow layer .choose darker color than skin color now use the pen tool (ctrl + P)and select the extended surface of eyebrow do this with layers like hair, ear, nose, lips and your beard for better finishing.It’s my technique for better finishing. You also can do experiments for fun and make a unique art just create a new layer.(Create Vector Art With Photoshop)
  13. If you are wearing clothes or something then it’s our turn to visualize them.Ok Create New Layer and if you are wearing cloths then take the layer to the first layer and if you are wearing a cap or something then take it to the end.
  14. For Both of them Use Pen tool ( ctrl + p) select the each and every edge of the cloth( If you are wearing something also do the same with them I am just referring these things as cloth , If there any problem comment below I will reply within 24 hours )select the common color ( use alt with brush ) and fill the path .
  15. If your Cloth has any design Create a new Layer Use pen tool ( ctrl + p) and select each and every edge of design and fill the path with common color.
  16. Like your face, its turn to make it realistic means visualize each and every  Create New Layer use pen ( ctrl + p ) to select the shades to select the common color ( Use alt with the brush ) and fill the path. Grabbing shadows with shades may make the picture different so if there is any shadow created with picture don’t mix it with shade create a new layer select the common color and make it visible with the pen tool ( ctrl + p).
  17. Ok If you want Grayish Background (like in my picture ) . Go to Create new fill or Adjustment layer click on Gradient . A Window will Open written Gradient fill Choose the colors n Gradient.Make Style Radial . Click on Reverse and Set the Scale. Click ok  . That’s It. (Create Vector Art With Photoshop)
Something Important for you After Completing Important Areas like Eye, Lips , Ears, And Nose Make a Group Of Layers (Select Layers with ctrl and then Press G )  It will help you to Edit Things Easily With No confusions.



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