Is bakugo dating uraraka ochako?

Is bakugo dating uraraka ochako?

Uraraka POv

Is bakugo dating uraraka ochako?”-I wi-will keep fighting..” Next, the thing I know everything goes black. A few days later we returned back to our normal classes after the sports festival. I walked up to Bakugou “Hey thanks for not going easy on me l heard people thought I was weak” I said laughing. “Tch!! Yea!” He said with a little blush. ( Is bakugo dating urara ochako?)

I smile lightly and walk back to my seat. “Alright class you all did well during the sports festival also for class today we’re gonna do a 2v2 battle so put your hero costumes on,” Mr.Aizawa said. We all get up and grab our costumes and walk into the locker rooms. “So Uraraka I heard Bakugou has a little crush on you,” Momo said with a smirk and changing into her hero costume. “Wh-What!!” “That’s not true I think he likes Kirishima they spend like A LOT of time together,” I said with a huge blush. “Uraraka you’re blushing a lot,” Tsuyu said “WHAT NO IM NOT!” I yelled. “Ooooooooo Uraraka has a little crush on explosion boy,” Mina said. “NO, I DO NOT!!” I put on my clothes really fast and ran out of the locker room.

Is bakugo dating uraraka ochako?
Is bakugo dating uraraka ochako?

Bakugou POV (Is bakugo dating uraraka ochako?)

We change into are hero costumes and out of nowhere bird man walks up to me. “So I heard by Tsuyu you have a crush on Uraraka,” he said quietly so someone could hear. “What the fuck are you talking about!” I growled, “You know exactly when she walked up to you this morning you were all blushing.” He rolled his eyes. “SHUT UP BIRD BRAIN BEFORE I BLOW OFF YOUR FACE!!” I yelled. “Woah there bro, Bakugou chill out.” Kirishima grabbed
my arms from behind and held me back from blowing the birds face off.

Is bakugo dating uraraka ochako?
Is bakugo dating uraraka ochako?

“That’s my bro! Go ask her out after the exercise!” Kirishima said while shaking me “fine ok” I growled. “That’s nice Bakugou, unlike your personality.” Sero said, “SHUT UP TAPE ARMS.”I made big explosions in my hand and was gonna hit him but Kirishima held me back. “Chill out bro!” He yelled. “Fine” I mumbled.

“PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEE!” Aoyama said, “Shut up twinkle boy!”| yelled. “Alright, guys we should really meet Mr.Aizawa before we get in trouble.” Deku said “Yea guys” Todoroki jumped in. All the boys walked out the locker room and I had to fix my hair. I walked out later and saw Uraraka “Hey why aren’t you with the girls,” I asked, “Th-They kept teasing me because..I mean just a reason.” She said looking down. “Hey cheer up…wanna walk together.”
asked while blushing. Every time I’m with her I feel a bit better I’m not as mean. “Y-Yea,” She said.

Uraraka POV

Bakugou and I start to catch up with the other class “Sooo0oo0oo” I said “Did you hurt anyone in the locker cuz I heard a lot of yelling” I said teasing him. “Nol almost did but no.” He said blushing. “Good one eye more question is it true that…ummmm you kinda like me….”I said nervously. “Ummm….Yea it’s true…” he said. I kissed him on his cheek “I |-like you too.”

Hmm so

This is how it went, we can figure out a lot just by these scenes Whatcha think?

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