Earn Money Designing Graphics and Art.

Earn Money Designing Graphics

Hey guys! Do you wanna Use your  Graphics and sell graphics. Earn Money Designing Graphics.

If you are a graphic designer  then Read this post till the end ( I mean till this post end )

Today I am going to give you tricks about Earning money with Graphic Designing and sell graphics .

So Let’s start  Without any circumstance.

1.By Designing T-shirt Graphics/Art .

So if you are a Graphic designer then you also know about making graphics for Wearing Staffs like T-shirt, hoodies, and Accessories. Go and make some creative staff start it with your own designs don’t copy stuff from others because if you have your own Design then you will attract your original audience (fans/lover). I know it will take time to attract an amount of audience but after a small-time, you will able to attract a huge amount of audience.

If you are famous on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. then it will be too easy for you to make it happen. As a big entrepreneur said

Start with small make it big

Earn Money Designing Graphics

So start with a small shop and then make it brand.

Yes, I am telling you to start your own business with your own graphics (yes creative graphics). There are many websites provide you services like Print on Demand.websides like

It is a Very old Print-on-demand service Started in 2013. This work better for entrepreneurs.Realy a better service for you.
Firstly create your Product and then Customize it with osm tools.
Lots of products for you to sell frames also present there.
You can select your margin price.
License your products with your rights.
can sell for free.
You can also train yourself with teespring university.
Each product has different size specification can cause Difficulty.
Good pricing for customers.
offbeat designs.
Artist’s Design can be customized
Design By Humans The good margin for the artist.

I know nobody like to read to much so only for you I write small details about these websites so’ let’s continue.

Create your Creative and attractive design and sign up to your chosen site and start your business today. I will feel glad if you comment below about your startup designs.

2. Sell Graphics/Arts

Yes, you can also earn money by selling your own graphics/Art. Introducing you some websites through them you can sell your graphics. If you can create some ideal graphics so you can earn 100$ per day.

Firstly I am going to tell you about your original Design. If you can’t design like a pro then it’s ok you have to design like your own and then see the magic how it changes day by day you will be pro in your own designs.so make your own design and make your own money pro yourself at your own artwork then sell them it will take a small-time and as I said before after a small-time you will make a big movement.#howtosellmygraphicdesign.sell graphics

so let’s start with sell graphics.

Freepik  This is an open-source Graphic Resources where you can find Vector art or Graphics for you to make creative Designs.

on the other side, freepik provide a contributor plan for every  creator

Earn Money Designing Graphics/Art.Sell Graphics
Earn Money Designing Graphics/Art.Sell Graphics


If you are interested in earning money through your Graphic content then it is the best way to do it. Firstly you have to join freepik  (create an account ) with freepik . Then click on Become a contributor. After this, you will visit a new window in which some forms are present to fill. That’s it fills the form and become a shining contributor of freepik and make yourself proud by earning money through your content. Actually, I am also a contributor to freepik so you can also follow me.

3. Selling your Graphics through Social media

If you are famous on any social media then let’s make some profit from there. Yes you can also earn through your social media (if you have followers more then 500- Instagram ) there are many companies who are interested in new artistes so if you create a creative art related to a company and they like it they will buy your art.( sell graphics, Earn Money Designing Graphics )

You have to tag them in your post to let them see or use the hashtag related to the company.

And if you are a famous Youtuber then try to expose your new are to the audience like you make a PSD file of a frame with using smart object then you can replace the layer in it. And show them how it looks like when you replace a layer . If they like it or they want to try it they will buy it from you (Your Graphics should be in High quality ) You just have to make alike to your drive and give them the link they will download it themselves.( sell graphics )

4. By Shorting your Drive links.

If you are not able to make customers then use another trick of mine.

If you are famous on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc, Then you can earn money without selling your Graphics. You have to make a cloud drive then store your Art/Graphics in it.

Think you are using Instagram and you are posting your graphics and your followers just love and want to download it. You can earn through there love ( just joking )

ok let’s start

1. Firstly Buy some space in the cloud storage/File hosting service like Google Drive, DropBox, Mega, etc,

2. Make a link to your files.

3. Short that link with Link shorteners(Who give money for shorting links, not bitly, google link shortener ) like Shortfly


shortzon etc.
4. That it and then you will start earning through them, as someone visit your page you will get paid . (approx 4 to 5$ per 1000 views )

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